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Name: Jareth Tivador

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Moroi/Dhampir/Feeder/Alchemist: Dhampir

Apperance: Jareth has shaggy bown hair that just about reaches his eyes and greenish-hazel eyes. He has fair skin and is tall, easily reaching 6ft. He always seems to have a mishcevious smirk unless he is in guardian mode.

Personality: He's a natural-born charmer who means the best but is good at stealing- and breaking- hearts. He has three sides, one the playboy joker who will stop at nothing to get who he's set his eyes on, and the other, his guardian mode, where he'll take his job seroiusly and stop anything from getting in the way of protecting his charge. The last is one that not many people know of, the sensitive side of him that can only be brought out by someone special. He is a guy who refuses to give up even if all the odds are against him. Jareth is a loyal friend who will do just about anything to make sure the people he care's about are not in harms way.

History: Born to Dhampir, Almyra Tivador, guardian of many, and an unkown Moroi, he, from a young age, decided he would be a guardian and make his mother proud. The both of them are very close, and Almyra almost decided to stop him from becoming a guardian which made Jareth all the more insistent.

He trained in his own time, joining every club there was, Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Doe and many more to train himself to be a better guardian.

At the age of 15, he was sent to St Vladimir's Academy and well on his way to become a guardian. He trained for 2 years, breaking both bones and hearts, and got given the tittle St Vlad's Playboy as well as not someone to mess with. He flew through the years with top grades and is now studing for his last year at St Vlad's.

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