Making An AccountEdit

First, if you don't have one already, you must make an account. It is simple and easy. First go to the top right hand corner and click sign up. Then fill out all the requirements. Your username does not have to be your characters name so be creative. Once you have done making your account, move on.

Enrolling Your CharacterEdit

Before you can make your characters page, you must get them enrolled and approved. To do this you go here:Enrollment ..... For the enrollment to be approved you must include:

  • Name, age and gender
  • If they are Moroi, Dhampir,Feeder,Alchemist (If Moroi,their element must be included)
  • Personality
  • History: At least one paragraph though the more, the more likely it will be approved
  • You can include a picture but you don't need to

Once you have done the enrollment part, you must wait until it is approved. In the time you are waiting, you can explore the wiki.

NOTE: All character pages made before the enrollment is approved, WILL be deleted.

Character PagesEdit

Now that your characters enrollment has been approved, you can make their page. Their page is the core of role plays and other things. To make the page just go to the "Add Page" button and use the standard look. Then on the page do:

  • Basic Info
  • Personality
  • Looks in words
  • History must be copied and pasted from enrollment
  • Possessions or weapons
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • And a pic must be included too


If you need help, just ask me....User:Pandora's Hope. Leave a message on my talk page and I will reply.

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