The Headmistress' Office is a square, large room with shelves around the room. There is a table in the middle with a chair behind it. on the other side of the table is two other chairs. On the table is a coffee mug with blood inside it. The smell of the room is what you would expect a teachers room to be like. There is a couple of pictures on the wall and books in stacks on the floor but other than that the office is quite normal. There is a doorway on the left side leading to the Headmistress' personal rooms.

Headmistress KataraEdit

Headmistress Katara is a a tall Moroi with pale skin like all Moroi, long blonde hair and glasses. She has blue-silver eyes and wears sensible clothes. She is serious and does her job well. She became headmistress after her father, the previous head, was killed by stigori. She, despite being Moroi, is very tough and strict. However, she is also very kind and caring. Her element is Earth. Her personal rooms are down this hallway.

Helpful DirectionsEdit

Headmistress Katara has a couple of maps across the wall. They tell of the different class-rooms and dorms around the school. They are:

Moroi Girls Dorm

Moroi Boys Dorm

Dhampir Girls Dorm

Dhampir Boys Dorm

Feeding Rooms

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