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Basic InfoEdit

Headmistress Katara is the head of Saint Vladimirs Academy also known as Vampire Academy. She is a Earth Moroi and her guardian is:. She became headmistress after her father, the previous headmaster, died from a stigori attack.


Katara has long blond hair and blue-silver eyes. She wears glasses and like any Moroi, has pale skin. She wears casual clothes when around the school but when there is visitors, she wears formal clothes. She has a scar on her wrist from a Moroi attack. She wears little to no makeup.


Headmistress Katara has a strict and careful personality. She is extremely strict to students and takes the safety of Moroi very carefully. Some would say she is paranoid. She has good and bad days where she is bright and cheerful to sending out detentions for a untied shoe. When she goes to any Moroi meeting, she is polite and acts like a princess. When she is faced with a problem or enemy, she is smart and devious.


Katara was born in December in America, LA. She was born when her mother and father were travelling back from a trip. Her mother didnt expect her for another week and it was a shock when she came.

Once she was born, she was taken back to Saint Vlads, where her father was the Headmaster. She grew up among Moroi and Dhampir. She was sweet and always wished to be the next Headmistress.

When she was 10, her mother and father went on their honeymoon for their first one was interupted by the news of her uncles death. They went out to New Zealand, a small country in Australasia, and stayed tehre for a 2 months. Or so was planned. Their plane was delayed and they never got to go.

When Katara was 17, they decided to try again. But when they were going to Russia this time, Stigori attacked. They killed her motehr and father as soon as the couple landed. Katara heard the news a few months after it happened and was devastated. She left for a few years, leaving St Vlads to her younger brother Corian.

She came back after 3 years travelling and took over the Headmistress role of St Vladimirs Academy.


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