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    Help Please?

    November 5, 2011 by Pandora's Hope

    he founder of this wiki Pandora's Hope. You can call me Pan, Pandora or Hope. As this wiki is very new I need some help. But first lets see my welcome: I loved the Vampire Academy Books ever since I started reading them Everything in them drew me in. So once I finished them, I searched the internet for a role play wiki about them. And I saw nothing. I was really sad about that and so I thought "What if I made one?". And so I did. The wiki is not going to have any of the characters from the books in it but your own ones. There is still going to be the school, but with new students. New Feeders and new teachers. You are going to create the school with me but to do so I am going to need help. If you can help, please talk to me on my talk pageā€¦

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